The I.C.R.E. BCB srl and STEELWOOD Engineering srl are two different legal persons, with different specializations, customers, peculiarities and structures, owned by the same person, but offering complementary services, often working in close collaboration.
The companies, with headquarters in San DonĂ  di Piave, Venice Province, have offices on 200 sqm., closed warehouse on 500 sqm., open warehouse on 2000 sqm. for the logistics.
Using on the various construction sites approximately 30 people every day (from direct to indirect), in addition to the employees from: the technical office, commercial and administrative department and many external professional collaborators.

The companies perform:
Interior design and furnishings engineering;
Flooring and covering works;
Works for doors and windows;
Structural works;
Construction works;
Plasterboard and painting works;
Electrical systems;
Technological and special systems;
Mechanical systems;
Furnishings supply and installation;
Supply and installation of complementary items such as window coverings, tapestry, lighting fixtures;
Supply and installation of optional items;
Final cleaning;
Maintenance and conservation programs.